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Wala akong subject of interest sa puntong ‘to ng buhay ko (Hahahhahah medyo malalim) maliban sa mga lalaki sa buhay ko ngayon.

Naks. Baduy ka.


Kuya Tom is one of them.

Tom Leander Melgar Valencia. Loool. I’m not really sure if that’s his full name, but I grew up with that knowledge stuck in my mind.

Kuya Tom is not someone I flirt, just for your information. Baka kasi inakala nyong kinikire ko sya hahahahahha yak incest na nga kay Sonart, pati baga naman kay Kuya Tom. He’s my cousin guysss. This time, mother side.

I was surprised during the day of election of class officers. There were these people outside our room before class, waiting for something. We got used to it: higher years promoting organizations and sharing necessary information.

The door opened and dgiahahoaogijaonokiidufieyriuehignk frick it was Kuya Tom. Hahahhaa. Wala nagpanic lang ako like he’s my kasalawan buddy and tutor and tagasabi na nakababa ung strap ng bra ko sa convenience store at tagahatid sa apartment ni Tito Pots at taga tingin ng masama sa mga frat leaders at taga bili ng isaw at taga dala ng labada at taga sagot ng imposibleng tanong at taga punit ng ID ng madayang taxi driver.

Wait, here’s a picture when we still hang out.


Ate Ella, me, Jerome and Kuya Tom 45984758478526868 years ago. Tamo, he still looks like a nerd lizard there I just hahahaha. Otoy wasn’t there because he took the photo.

Basta. He’s like an older brother to me when I was starting high school. We’re not that close anymore, I mean, people change. He’s changed. Somehow, I did too. I don’t talk to him anymore because he’s got issues. And I know that he doesn’t wanna talk to someone who’s like a parasite.

But I was raised that way.

When I was a kid, Kuya Tom is like the best person in the world to my relatives, especially to my mom.

Mom would always say, “Paturo ka kay Kuya Tom mo, alam nya yon for sure.” “Anak oh, tingnan mo si Tom-tom and tali-talino.” “Pinanglaban na naman daw si Tom-tom sabi ni tito mo” “Thea ung mga grades daw ni Tom puro uno oh. Nakakatuwa naman.” Whenever I have an assignment and I ask my mom, she’d immediately take her phone and call him. Basically, he knows everything.

Honestly, I admire him myself. He’s bright, witty, very, very intelligent, appealing, and somehow, somewhere, he’s a great-looking guy.

Well I guess he’s the golden boy. And I was his second version. Always has been.

Everything I do as a student, I do it because Kuya Tom does it. The entirety of the activities I do is based on how Kuya Tom does things. I struggled to be on top because he was on top. (though hindi kinaya ng utak ko na maging top hahahhahhaha ayos na ang mataas na rank but not #1 para sakin)

I remember mom being disappointed because I was nothing compared to him. Mom didn’t talk to me for a while back then. She was just that frustrated that I can’t prevail over Kuya Tom, or at least reach his level of brainpower.

So yeah. When he walked into our room I was like, “Uy! Ikaw! Ung idol ko! Ung golden boy ng pamilya!”

I told mom when I got home last last night about the election btw and how Kuya Tom was managing it. Of course she was asking stuff about him and our current relationship status (she knows that we kinda don’t talk anymore and she wants me to establish my relationship with him).

But no I’m not mad at him. I just. Idek. Wala, Hahahha.

Well, maybe I’m a little bit frustrated and a little bit intimidated, once again, and somehow pressured.

Things are a lot more remorseless in college. But he manages to cut class and get tons of unos. I won’t get anything just by waiting for him to trip and fall down, for once, because he will never ever fail a task or anything. Idol ko talaga yong lalaking yon a’ah. Halimaw e.


Somehow, I know there’s a pinch of proudness (is this a word?) in him. Hehe. Especially when I got nominated for secretary (and won, eventually). Hey, I heard your reaction don’t you fricking deny. And I saw your smile while writing my name on the board I just gnkahrkgjrihgi

Or maybe I’m just assuming.




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